BioDeg is developed for the determination of biodegradation degree of organic compounds under controlled conditions (Temperature, moisture etc.). In this process, evolved CO2 is measured by sensitive NDIR detector. BioDeg is fully software-controlled and generates reports including all important data.


  • Biodegradation of plastics
  • Composting process
  • Microbial activity studies
  • Soil respiration rate, soil health, microbial respiration, etc.

The Features of BioDeg

  • Easy-to-use software with diagnostic tools
  • Highly sensitive and fully automated moisture addition
  • Special fittings that require no tools to tighten
  • 2-stage moisture removal
  • Detector options for a variety of water matrices
  • Accurately controlled flow by mass flow controller
  • Well-designed structure to avoid any leak damage
  • Up to 60 measurement channels, well-organized structure with multiport stations
  • Compliant with international norms such as ISO 14855-1
  • Options for different volume sample vessels

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