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Calcis Auto Calcimeter

Calcis Auto

Calcis Auto is designed for determination of calcium carbonate (calcinity) content in soil. It is a perfect solution for soil laboratories that have high amount of sample loads and looking for both time and labor saving solutions for the analysis of calcium carbonate in soil. Calcis Auto, like Calcis M overcomes the operational problems of Scheibler Calcimeter like; manual acid addition, human eye detection as a measurement method and operator dependency during multi sample analysis .Moreover, Calcis Auto offers unattended analysis of 60 samples with the help of its autosampler.

The Features of Calcis Auto

  • Automated acidification (Operator does not need to add acid to the sample cup by hand)
  • Leak free sample cup and cap, fittings and tubings through all sample pathway
  • High sensitive detector
  • Independency of the results from both the human effect and laboratory conditions
  • User friendly software (It controls Calcis Auto, records data of the analysis and generates reports.)
  • Ability to export reports in different formats
  • Multipoint calibration, long term stability
  • Simplicity of calibration and validation procedures through software
  • Automatic weight transfer from balance to software
  • 60 sample capacity autosampler
  • Special rack for standard on autosampler
  • True walk-away operation

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