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develops innovative analytical instruments

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Calcis M Calcimeter

Calcis M

Calcis M is designed for the determination of calcium carbonate (calcinity) content in soil. It is a reasonable and optimum solution for laboratories who have fair amount of sample loads (Typically less than 20 samples/day). Calcis M overcomes the operational problems of Scheibler Calcimeter like; manual acid addition, human eye detection as a measurement method and operator dependency during one analysis .

The Features of Calcis M

  • Automated acidification (Operator does not need to add acid to the sample cup by hand)
  • Leak free sample cup and cap, fittings and tubings through all sample pathway
  • High sensitive detector;
  • Independency of the results from both the human effect and laboratory conditions
  • User friendly software (It controls Calcis M, records data of the analysis and generates reports.)
  • Ability to export reports in different formats
  • Simplicity of calibration and validation procedures through software

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